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Aurora commercial roofing company

Yes, sometimes fixing a commercial roof leak can be as simple as this, if you use a liquid coating waterproofing, which is a polyurethane, epoxy, or acrylic substance, aliphatic or non-alkaphatic fluid. It hardens upon contact with the air.

With the help of liquid coatings, you can achieve elastic, homogeneous, aesthetic patches, with a strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. Many liquid membranes have additives and special inorganic fibers in their composition that increase their UV resistance, as well as the mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. Mixed coatings, resulted from the combination of bituminous membranes with liquid membranes are very popular.

An example of liquid coating used often by a trusted Aurora commercial roofing company, especially for patching flame-mounted bituminous membranes, is acrylic coating.

This product is an elastomeric membrane in aqueous dispersion, based on modified and elastomerized acrylic copolymers, inert matter, colored pigments, thickening agents and additives. After drying, the acrylic liquid coating forms an elastic film, which adheres perfectly to the surface; it is resistant to atmospheric agents and microcracks that may occur on the support.

Acrylic coating is also ideal for waterproofing concrete roofs, as well as for cement or wooden surfaces.

Mix well before use. It is recommended to apply a liquid coating at temperatures higher than + 5° C and when weather conditions of fog, rain and frost are not forecast. This avoids complete drying issues.