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NWR Commercial

Commercial roofer companies and residential roofers used to be separate types of companies, each of which provided their own special range of services. However, as the evolution of modern architecture has extended the range of buildings on which flat roofs are installed from commercial facilities to the residential buildings as well, many roofing companies specializing in either commercial roofs or in residential structures decided to acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise to install all sorts of roofs. The trend has affected mostly residential roofers – while most commercial contractors decided to stick with the flat structures that they used to handle, many residential companies decided to extend their services to commercial clients as well.

Many modern residential roofers having extended their service offerings to include commercial roofing services. That said, it is best to interview and hire the most experienced roofer for the job to be performed.  With so many modern homes being fitted with flat roofs, roofers familiarize themselves with the particularities of the materials as well as with the installation repair and maintenance technologies used with such flat structures. The move in the direction of diversifying roofing services is in most cases associated with continuous learning. The best roofers, like those found at NWR Commercial, understand the importance of attending study courses and workshops to improve their roofing techniques.