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Membrane roofing systems are a very good idea for most properties. As membrane roofs tend to be very durable, they can last even somewhere over 50 years. Moreover, this type of roof requires very little maintenance, if any at all.

The process of installing a new membrane roof can be broken down in a few basic stages. Membrane is ideal for flat roofs, and can be used both for personal residences and for commercial buildings. Respected commercial roofing Superior CO contractors affirm that one of the greatest advantages of membrane is that it can be very easily installed. First of all, you have to make sure that the surface you are going to lay the membrane is clean and free of debris. Moreover, the surface must necessarily be dry; otherwise this can have a negative impact on the whole roofing structure, including the deck.

Even before that, you should, perhaps, make sure that you have chosen the right roofing deck timber for your membrane roofing system. Bitumen has a negative impact on the good state of an EPDM membrane, for instance, so you need to make sure there are no traces of bitumen before applying the membrane to your roofing deck.

Because roofing membranes sometimes arrive packed, it also needs to be stretched properly before being applied.