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metal roofing Castle Rock

If you ask around the Castle Rock roofing industry, you’ll find that metal roofing is one of the cheapest types of roofing available. Considering how durable, low-maintenance, energy efficient and weatherproof metal can be when used for roofing, it’s important to go a little deeper if we want to find out exactly why metal roofing in Castle Rock is affordable.

  1. Metal is still pretty abundant, even though that’s not necessarily true for all types of metal. Steel and aluminum, however, are available abundantly in the United States, and the demand associated with metal roofing materials and products is not large enough to lead to price increases just yet.
  2. Iron makes up most of the Earth’s core and it’s basically the most abundant metal on the planet. The only practical limit to how much iron there is on the market is how much mining companies are able to mine per year. New technologies have made the mining of iron ore more affordable and easy, and that has led to the significant reduction of iron and steel prices despite modern infrastructure raising the demand.
  3. Metals like aluminum have a high corrosion resistance which means they can last a long time. As a result, the demand for metal roofing is not going to increase over time, especially as new technologies make metal roofing products even better and more resilient. Long term durability leads to less often demand and a lower cost.